Monday, February 20, 2017

Myths and Tips for People who are suffering from Pimple in Ear

Pimple in ear is not a common occurrence. Although pimple formation is a very common disorder in which all people can really experience some time in their lives, yet having it on ear is rare. Since this is a rare condition, thus it really needs to be managed as soon as possible. Pimple that will form in ear is just the same with other pimples that usually occur in apparent body parts, such as faces and neck. Actually, pimple in ear has also the same characteristics with pimples in back and chest. However, it is more risky to have, because the ear canal is not an apparent body part. Since it is not apparent, there is a big chance that you could not feel it right away if you have pimple formation in your ear canal, especially if it is just starting to form. You will most probably feel it if it is already severe.

When your pimple in ear was already inflamed, it will really grow bigger. This inflammation is probably caused by infection, which can be obtained through microbial invasion to the affected area. Ears naturally acquire dirt, as these have open canals. In fact, dirt really accumulates in ears. Even if you clean your ears every day, you will still not be able to clean them completely as dirt continuously accumulates on these areas. This is the reason why pimple in ear will usually be infected. It will really inflame and will grow big. The worst thing is that it is very painful, most especially in severe cases. It can cause you irritation and itchiness. It is really a total discomfort.

There are myths about pimple in ear, and these myths were formulated way back hundreds of years ago when pimple formation in ear was discovered. Many people in the past believed that this disorder will just happen to people who are fond of backbiting or criticizing some people behind their backs. Those people who are fond of listening to others’ conversations are the ones who are prone to this disorder, because this act is disrespectful. Since they believed in karma, thus they treat this disorder a karma for those who did disrespectful things like listening to other people’s conversations. Another myth is that, pimple in ear will just occur to persons who are doing immoral acts and this disorder serves as a punishment. In some places, this disorder was considered as a curse because it could make a person suffer.

Today, there is already scientific basis why this disorder occurs to humans. This fact helped people understand that pimple formation is part of growing up. Thus having pimples is just normal, most especially for teens. However, obtaining pimple is very risky because it could affect the hearing capability of an individual. Severe pimple formation in ear canal can block the passageway of sound. The worst thing is that, when pimple will undergo severe infection. If this happens, the pimple will really inflamed and will become really big. After few days of inflammation, pus will be formed inside the pimple to wash out the dirt that caused infection. This is a good healing mechanism, yet it can put the ear at risk. The pus can also block the canal, and it can even cause further infection on the affected ear.

When you have pimple in ear, it is advisable to manage it immediately once you noticed it. Do not let the pimple to get severe, as it can really bring lots of problems. The first management that you must do is to keep your ear clean. You can do this management by avoiding the usage of ear phones, do not frequently touch the affected area with your bare hands, and clean the pimple with the use of cotton bud along with anti-septic solution. By doing this, you will be able to control the infection and you can hasten the healing process. The next thing to do when you observed that your pimple already popped out is to drain the pus by making the affected side of the ear lay on a surface. With this, you can prevent inner canal blockage and you could not add dirt on the inner aspect of your ear. If these management methods will not work for you, better consult a physician that has specialization in ear problems. This is much better to do than jumping off immediately into artificial medications that you heard from other people. It is always the physician who greatly knows facts about this condition and what treatments to prescribe. It is safer when to use treatments that were prescribed by a specialized physician, rather than seeking for other treatments from your neighborhood.

The management methods stated above are just the basic ways that you must do to prevent severity of this disorder. It is also good to drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods so that your body will be nourished. If your body is well nourished and healthy, you may not experience pimple in ear.  But if it will happen to you, do not hesitate to go over with the basic management methods, It is recommended as well to consult your physician before taking or applying medication. Just always remember that ear canal is a sensitive area, thus it should be taken care of.

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