Friday, February 10, 2017

Pimple in Ear

What is a Pimple in Ear?

Even though getting pimples on your skin is quite common, it is rare to get a pimple in ear. It is normal to have pimples anywhere on your skin and usually, only time is required for them to heal on their own. However, if the pimple in ear doesn’t go away by itself, you might have to resort to some ear pimple treatment for getting rid of these ugly protrusions. Apart from having a pimple in ear, you can even have some pimple in ear canal and this usually signifies an ear infection. Proper treatment is required for taking care of this infection, apart from a good hygiene. Usually, a bad hygiene may lead to pimples in ears as the bacteria which can go inside the ear can result in some ear pimples which can even cause a lot of pain.

Painful Pimple in Ear

Even though most pimples in ear are harmless, there might be some ear pimples which can be extremely painful. The formation of pus in the ear causes this pain and sometimes, itching might aggravate the uncomfortable situation. In some extreme cases, there can be a lot of swelling in ear and that might become a problem in hearing and concentration for a person suffering from pimple in ear. Even though getting a pimple in ear is not that big a deal, you should still consult your ENT specialist for underlying problems or some hidden pimple in ear canal. There are various ways of ear pimple treatment and most of them do not require expensive equipment or special products.

Treating Pimple in Ear

There are various ways to treat pimples in ear and most of them get a flawless job done. Some people may try to pop the pimple in ear by force or by using a sterilized needle. Remember, this can go horribly wrong and can cause further problems for your ears. That is why leaving the pimple and trying out simple ear pimple treatment steps can help you a lot. Using grinded tulsi leaves as an extract for application in the ear can prove to be really helpful for the pimple in the ear. Apart from that, garlic juice is known to be an effective remedy for most ear problems. Some oils, like mustard oil, olive oil etc. can be used to take care of painful pimple in ear.

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