Friday, February 17, 2017

Types of Pimples

General Types of Pimples

There are various types of pimples and for correctly diagnosing the pimple in ear that is troubling you, you need to have a fair idea about the basic types. Dividing the pimples on a general basis, we have papules, pustules, nodules and cysts as the basic types. Papules are the small and pink bumps and mostly, the regular pimples are papules. The second type is pustules and they are categorized by the pus filled center that they have. The pustules are small and round, with a yellowish center which is pus filled and highly infectious. Nodules and cysts are the worst form of pimple in ear that you can get as these tend to be extremely painful. Nodules and cysts are filled with blood and pus and normally, they require a long time to heal up. Fiddling with them might leave deep scars on your skin and that is why, a cyst should be left alone always.

Types of Pimple in Ear

Apart from the general division of pimples, we have a division based on the place of formation of pimple in ear. The most basic form of pimple in ear is the one which is formed near the entrance of the ear. These are usually easy to care for and can be seen to vanish in a few days. The next are the pimple in ear canal and they can be a bit more troublesome. Since finding deep seated pimple in ear canal can be tough, you need an ENT specialist’s help in finding all the pimples in ear and diagnosing them correctly. Pimple behind ear can also sprout up and they might take a little longer to heal naturally. The reason behind that is the exposure to oil that is coming from the hair. Sometimes, you can have a painful pimple in ear and you might have to take certain steps to take care of such pimples.

Caring for Every Type of Pimple in Ear

For caring for most types of pimples in ear, you need to follow certain basic steps. Always keep your hands clean while you are touching the pimple in ear and avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the pimples. Popping open by force or needles is the worse that you can do with the pimple in ear as it might increase the chances of cyst formation. Remember, different types of pimples require different sort of care and precaution and you need to follow them if you do not wish to handle a bad case of scarring through pimples.

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